Renewable Fuels

renewable fuels

Hartland’s Renewable Fuels Division has grown to become a leader in biofuels wholesale marketing of ethanol and biodiesel. We specialize in offering denaturant, used in the production of ethanol. In addition, we work in the traditional fuels market providing a full state of light oil products. The renewable fuels division started as the industry was rapidly developing. Supply, marketing and support services were in demand relative to this rapid growth. Harland Renewables identified specific internal capabilities that could be leveraged to service the renewable fuels industry and began focusing on growing that division within the organization. We offer a suite of services which includes marketing, logistics, risk management, and market consulting, in the renewable fuels industry.


Our team has over 100 combined years of experience in the energy industry and are well positioned to serve our customers needs. We specialize in shipping product via truck and rail car. By using a diverse set of third party carriers, combined with knowledge of the railroads ensures product is delivered as promised. We service much of the United States and maintain storage and thru-puts in multiple locations to ensure dependable, consistent supply. Our goal is to provide the flexibility to our customers which allows them to operate efficiently and profitably in what has become a very volatile and dynamic industry. By enabling our customers to outsource their needs, we can provide them with the expertise that allows them to focus on growing their business.

Natural Gasoline/Denaturants:

Our Renewable Fuels division has become a leader in the Natural Gasoline supply to ethanol plants throughout the Midwest. Our expertise and sophistication has made us a primary supplier of quality and dependable denaturant supply to the ethanol business. Over the last several years our team has been critical in working with producers to bring denaturant to the Midwest in the most economical and reliable manner possible. Recently we developed a key marketing agreement with Enterprise Partners LP (EPP; Jackson, MN) to market denaturant in the greater Midwest off of Nustar and MAPCO pipeline system. In September of 2008, EPP opened their denaturant terminaling facility, where Hartland works closely with EPP to market  Natural Gasoline to ethanol producers.

Our pricing programs are designed to offer the flexibility,
risk management and diversification needed in
today’s business environment.


Hartland Renewable Fuels has substantial experience and interest in Biodiesel, and has been an active consumer of this blend. We offer a variety of pricing programs for customers and have the ability to design individual risk management programs relative to customer needs.

We offer Biodiesel for both commercial and rack, or “top off” blending at multiple locations across the Midwest and Southeast, along with finished Biodiesel in specific locations.


Hartland Renewable Fuels division works with the majority of operating plants in the U.S. today. We are “in the market” every trading day and understand the ethanol supply and demand dynamics that can be significantly more volatile than those of the refined fuels industry due to the fragmented nature of the production profile. Today we are one of the largest ethanol rack suppliers in the Midwest. By leveraging our internal and external customer needs we are able to provide clients with the economics and liquidity of a “big buyer”, along with geographical trading opportunities between supply points.

Our pricing programs are designed to offer the flexibility, risk management and diversification needed in today’s business environment. We are willing to structure pricing models to meet your specific needs and to capture opportunities as they rise.

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