• Gas & Diesel

       Hartland Fuel Products offers a full line of gasoline and diesel products at hundreds of supply points throughout the United States and Canada.

    • Propane

       Hartland Fuel Products offers propane supply throughout the Midwest on multiple pipeline systems.

    • Lubricants & Chemicals

       Full service lubricant distribution, covering the Midwest region of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Upper Michigan and Illinois.

    • Liquefied Natural Gas

       The demand for natural gas as a clean and effective source of energy continues to rise. For demand without access to a natural gas pipeline, LNG is a viable energy option.

    • Renewable Fuels

       Our Renewable Fuels Division offers a full line of Renewable Fuel products including Ethanol, Biofuels and Natural Gasoline/Denaturants.

    • Diesel Exhaust Fluid

       ISO 22241 Certified and API Licensed Diesel Exhaust Fluid supplier.

Petroleum Products

The scope of Hartland’s product line is extensive: from gas & diesel, propane, and liquefied natural gas, to lubricants & chemicals, renewable fuels, and diesel exhaust fluid. Hartland Fuels has expertise regarding all products used in the energy business. We take pride in our customer service, and we guarantee a quality product line.

Efficient logistics is integral to providing economical energy on a timely basis and Hartland is proficient in moving petroleum products by rail and truck,  as well as importing and exporting our products in both the U.S. and Canada.